So this is the bit about me!

I’m a young political analyst, commentator and observer of international affairs. Europe in particular!

All opinions my own etc. etc.

I’ve worked in the past for Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), in Brussels, and for Members of the UK Parliament (MPs). I have also been employed by respected think tanks, such as the Hansard Society and Centre for Europe, the National Trust, and a public affairs company based in Berkshire.

I hope you enjoy my posts and don’t tire too easily (for I go on a bit!). Most importantly, I hope the articles shed a little light on some tricky issues our world faces and whilst I do try to cover a broad range of topics, anything to do with Europe really grabs my interest so expect a fair few articles on the European Union and wider region. If you wonder where the interest stems from on Europe it comes from my academic and professional experiences (studying European history at university in Bristol and London) and working at the European levels. I am a committed Europhile with a love of our great capitals – Berlin, Rome, Madrid, Athens, Paris, Vienna and others, as well as a liberal with no tolerance for intolerance towards anyone!

Take care and thanks for visiting!


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